Porkchop Baby Sleeping Bags and Wraps

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Stop carrying on like a Porkchop!!!
 Yep, this saying was definitely flung around a lot during my childhood, and I'll even admit to using it myself from time to time! It certainly gets a bit of a giggle out of my kids when they are in melt-down mode!

It is also the inspiration for the name of a great new Australian company,  Porkchop, that produces the most incredible baby sleeping-bags and swaddle wraps I have ever seen! When I first saw these designs I knew immediately that we HAD to have them! I've never seen sleeping-bags for bubs that look as amazing as these! The designs are just WOW!!

Porkchop, as you can tell by their name, are all about having a bit of fun! They say, there is no need to be all serious about babies, so why not trade in the bland and the boring for some sizzle & squeak!!

But.. of course, safety first, and you would be happy to know that these baby sleeping bags & wraps have been tested and adhere to  Australian standards!

You can find Porkchop Baby Sleeping Bags and Wraps at Yellow Dandy online, of course.

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