Perfect Autumn Days

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Somedays, when I'm sick of staring at a computer (or phone) screen, or cleaning something and everything. Or when the kids are going stir crazy and are in each others faces, the best thing for all of our sanity is just a simple walk on the beach. The fresh sea air does wonders for my head-space, the kids just run and play and search for shells. Its so calming. Whenever they (or me) are a little cranky, this is out perfect solution, everybody calms down, and the smiles come back. A sense of gratefulness always overwhelms me, and things get put back in perspective. I watch these two play and run so happily and my frustrations catch the breeze and drift away. 

I love Autumn here, these gorgeous days where you can walk down the beach without sweating profusely, its too cool for swimming but perfect for a stroll, just deep breaths and gorgeous views. We are so lucky this is right outside our doorstep!