Cuisine Companion - Green Curry Fish Recipe

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A few months ago (in Feb) I was offered a trip over to Sydney to check out and learn how to use the new Tefal Cuisine Companion, which is an all in one kitchen wonder machine, pictured above!! Oh my, I was so excited! It was a whirlwind one night stay in Sydney, but I had a blast hanging out with all the other bloggers, and of course testing out the amazing Cuisine Companion! I also was given my very own Companion to take home!  I haven't blogged about it much, but if you follow me on Instagram you would know all about it. And I use it pretty much everyday.

 Around Easter time Tefal sent us a bunch of groceries that were delivered to our door for a Food/ Recipe Challenge!! I had no idea what to expect and the ingredients were a little random! It included things like Nutella, Fish, Leeks, Potato, Honey, Currents, Fish Stock, Easter eggs, cinnamon! But, I like a bit of a challenge,  so Joel and I brainstormed, because we all know he is the one who likes experimenting the the kitchen the most. We came up with what turned out to be an AMAZING Green Curry Fish Dish recipe, made entirely from scratch in the Cuisine Companion.

So, here is the recipe for anyone keen to try it out!

Curry Paste:
1 Leek
2-3 Green Chillies (remove seeds for less heat)
4 Cloves of Garlic
2 TBSP Lemon Grass Paste
1 TSP Ground Coriander
Bunch of Fresh Coriander
1 Cup of Fish Stock
2 TBSP of Soy Sauce
1 TBSP Canola/Olive Oil
1 TBSP Ginger
1 x Lime

For the Curry:
2-3 Cups of Butternut Pumpkin
2 Cups of Potato (I like skin on)
1 x 400ml can of Coconut Cream
2 x Pink Ling Fillets
1 Bunch Asparagus

Step 1 : Make Curry Paste
1. Put Ultrablade in Cuisine Companion
2. Add to bowl: 1 x Leek (roughly chopped), 2 x Green Chillies, 4 x Garlic cloves, 2 TBSP Lemon grass paste, 1 large tablespoon grated ginger, Lime Zest, 1 tsp Ground Coriander, small handful of coriander stalks, 2 TBSP fish stock,  2 Tbsp soy sauce, 1 tbsp Canola oil

3. Pulse to blend on speed 12. Periodically open lid and scrape ingredients off the side.
4. When a paste is formed, put in separate bowl and set aside

Step 2:
Cook Veggies and Steam Fish
1. Remove Ultrablade and replace with mixer
2. Add to bowl 2-3 Cups cubed Butternut Pumpkin, 2 Cups of cubed Potato, 1 x 400ml can of Coconut Cream, 200ml Fish Stock
3. Coat Ling Fillets with some of the Curry Paste and place in steamer basket. Place steam on top of bowl and fit lid, with steamer half open.
4. Use Slow Cook Program 2 for 45mins.

Step 3: Combine Curry
1. Break fish apart in steamer basket, and put fish into bowl (scrape all curry paste in as well)
2. Add the curry paste into bowl
3. Roughly chop asparagus and add to bowl
4. Slow Cook on P3 for 20mins

And then you are done!
To serve
- Garnish with Fresh coriander leaves
- Serve on Jasmine Rice
-Squeeze of Lime

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