Mini Rodini AW17 Darling Britain Collection

Thursday, September 7, 2017
The Second Drop of the Mini Rodini AW17 Darling Britain Collection has just launched here in Australia, and globally. And, as per usual we are blown away by Mini Rodini's amazing designs and their commitment to sustainable and fair-work conditions, in their manufacturing. Which, is huge, considering a lot of the fashion industry has a terrible track record when it comes to those areas. Mini Rodini is above the rest! Not to mention their impeccable quality and super soft organic cotton. 

This collection features so many adorable prints, for both girls and boys. And, even though it is their Autumn/Winter collection and here in Australia we are heading into Summer, there are still some great Summery pieces and mid-seasonal items! But, don't delay, because Mini Rodini always sells quickly!!

MIni Rodini Butterfly T.Shirt

Mini Rodini Dog T.Shirt Beige

Mini Rodini Dog Sweatshirt - Pink

Mini Rodini Dog Sweatshirt

Mini Rodini Fox Velour Sweatshirt - Pink

Mini Rodini Fox Velour Sweatshirt - Green

Mini Rodini Butterfly Leggings

Mini Rodini Dogs Leggings

Mini Rodini Dog LS bodysuit

Mini Rodini Butterfly Dress

Mini Rodini Bluebel Wovenl Dress

Mini Rodini Knitted Dog Scarf

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