Barrabool Maze Estate Ceres Review

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Barrabool Maze Estate Ceres

A few weeks ago the kids and I thought we would go and check out the Barrabool Maze Estate, it is in Ceres, only about 10 mins from Geelong (depending on what side of Geelong you live on). With 3 young kids and a husband who often works away,  I'm always on the lookout for easy, fun local activities to do to keep them busy (and not whinging at me), so when I heard that the Barrabool Maze Estate had opened, we were keen to get down there and check it out! 

Isn't it great when people have a vision and work really hard on something that is different and fun for the family, thats what I really appreciated about the Maze Estate, clearly so much love and hard work has gone into restoring (a previously very run down) maze and property. The maze is great, my kids spent hours there running around, and playing hide and seek (with me of course). While there are parts of the maze that are still on the road to recovery, it didn't dampen the fun! I'd love to see them add a scavenger hunt or some added fun things to discover throughout the maze, I know my kids would love something like that they mark off on a sheet as they are running around like crazy! The gardens and the property are really gorgeous and would be a lovely place for a wedding or event, and of course just a morning coffee where you can relax and the kids can run off some steam!!

We also had lunch at the estate, they have indoor and outdoor seating options, and are definitely kid friendly with colouring sheets and pencils available as well! The menu is pretty simple, but the burger was big and jammed full of ingredients. The kids meals were on the smaller side, my 7 year old downed his small kids burger (just a bun, patty and sauce) and then proceeded to eat half of mine, and the kids fish and chips came with just one small piece of fish. 

Prices for Maze Entry are $12.50 for an Adult and $8.50 for children 3 and over. 
Or you can buy a family annual pass for $100, which is worthwhile if you plan on going regularly! 
You can find them here :
They are open Thursday -Sunday from 10am-4pm

Lunch at Barrabool Maze Estate

Review Barrabool Maze Estate

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