Thursday, September 7, 2017

Mini Rodini AW17 Darling Britain Collection

The Second Drop of the Mini Rodini AW17 Darling Britain Collection has just launched here in Australia, and globally. And, as per usual we are blown away by Mini Rodini's amazing designs and their commitment to sustainable and fair-work conditions, in their manufacturing. Which, is huge, considering a lot of the fashion industry has a terrible track record when it comes to those areas. Mini Rodini is above the rest! Not to mention their impeccable quality and super soft organic cotton. 

This collection features so many adorable prints, for both girls and boys. And, even though it is their Autumn/Winter collection and here in Australia we are heading into Summer, there are still some great Summery pieces and mid-seasonal items! But, don't delay, because Mini Rodini always sells quickly!!

MIni Rodini Butterfly T.Shirt

Mini Rodini Dog T.Shirt Beige

Mini Rodini Dog Sweatshirt - Pink

Mini Rodini Dog Sweatshirt

Mini Rodini Fox Velour Sweatshirt - Pink

Mini Rodini Fox Velour Sweatshirt - Green

Mini Rodini Butterfly Leggings

Mini Rodini Dogs Leggings

Mini Rodini Dog LS bodysuit

Mini Rodini Butterfly Dress

Mini Rodini Bluebel Wovenl Dress

Mini Rodini Knitted Dog Scarf

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Easy Sprinkles First Birthday Cake

When we were on our travels earlier this year (which I will blog about soon), our littlest one turned One! There was no extravagant party, and just a few small presents, because thats all we could fit in our luggage. But, I did however, make a cake! I didn't really think it was fair to buy him a cake when the other kids both had very thought out homemade special Birthday cakes. So we went for something simple. And apparently naked cakes are all the rage, and so that just helped make icing this cake even easier!! Easy birthday cakes are becoming my specialty!

Once again, I used my trusted Butter Cake recipe, the one that I've used for every one of my kids cakes, except for the ice cream cakes of cours, and it never disappoints. (You can find it HERE ). I made butter cream icing. Placed a number 1 template that I cut out of a sheet of baking paper and then covered the whole thing with sprinkles, or as us Aussies like to refer to them as 100's and 1000's, and then soooo carefully peeled the paper template off!!! Really easy, but I quite liked the simplicity of it!

Archer was so excited! But, he wasn't quite sure what to do with the cake and ended up smashing up most of his piece into pieces and then rubbed it all over himself! But, at least he enjoyed it! So did all the other kids, because you know CAKE!!!!

Check out some of my other Easy Birthday Cakes here:

Monday, March 6, 2017

Here it is: Brand New Nununu SS17

Nununu is one of my favourite brands, and most importantly my kids favourite brands! My 5 yr old son almost lives exclusively in Nununu clothing! And, I don't mind because their quality stands up to all the tests he puts it through. Plus it looks great, fits great and it super comfy!

The new Nununu SS17 Season has just arrived, and it is nothing short of amazing. Great cuts, and fit and we love their monochrome, hardcore style! Definitely not cutsie baby and kids clothes! Clothes made for your little skater dudes and girls and future Rockstars!!

One of our favourite pieces from the new seasons is the Splash Tulle Dress. It is monochrome perfection.

Shop The New Nununu SS17 Collection HERE - also get Free Worldwide Shipping on all orders over $100 Australian Dollars.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Yellow Dandy Shop Last Minute Kids Christmas Gift Guide

If you are still searching for a few almost last minute (when you include shipping times) Christmas Gifts for the little people in your life, we've got some ideas!!! Including the Gorgeous Mini Rodini Unicorn Swimsuit, and Children of the Tribe Caps, Vans Shoes for toddlers and big kids, the softest Roundie Towels from the original Roundie creators The Beach People and we even have a super cute poncho towel too! So many options!! So little time!! 

I hope the silly season, hasn't got you too silly!! And you can still relax and enjoy the Summer Sun (here in Australia anyway).

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Island State Co - Debut Collection : Tropicana

Island State Co just released their debut childrenswear collection, Tropicana. You may find the style familiar, and that is because it is created by the same people who brought us Bandit Kids! With the change, they have also become a children's eco-surf label! Their garments are produced in Indian under strict GOTS certified organic conditions!! YAY!! When clothes are going on your kids skin, you definitely want it free from nasty chemicals! And Organic Cotton is actually a lot safer for the farmers as well! Which is a huge reason alone for trying to buy organic when you can!

As you can tell, we LOVE the Pineapples in this collection! It just feels so much like Summer! The pineapple print comes in 2 different colour ways and a few different styles, like a 3/4 Maxi Skirt and jumpsuit and shorts!

Check out the gorgeous images of this new collection below, and you can purchase the new Island State Co collection, from Yellow Dandy Shop - with Free Australian & International Shipping for all orders over $100 AUD!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Pastel Layered Ice Cream cake with White Chocolate Bark

Pastel Layered Ice-Cream cake with White Chocolate Bark

A few months ago my baby girl turned 3! My gorgeous Elsa obsessed baby girl, who really isn't a baby anymore at all! One thing about baking cakes, is that often the kids eat the icing and leave the rest of the cake. Maybe it is just my baking. But, I know that ice-cream cakes never go uneaten! Being time poor and just exhausted from being up all through the night with a baby, easy was definitely on the agenda! Its amazing that I even managed to make a cake at all!

This one was really easy, mix each layer with some food dye, freeze for a few hours and then do the next layer! I added a layer of crushed oreo to make it a little more fun (and delicious)!

The shards on the top are made from white chocolate bark! Which is as simple as melting down white chocolate and spreading it on a baking paper lined baking tray! We decorated it with some pink shiny bits and pieces and then popped it in the fridge. Once it is set, I just used a knife to make the sharper points and then, stuck it in the top of the cake! 

So so simple! But it was a hit with the kids, and I think it looks kind of pretty!

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Our Family Of 5

It's hard to believe we have been a family of 5 for the last four and a half months! Wow how time flies. The transition from two kids, to three kids has been a pretty huge one! I'm suddenly the Mum walking through the shops with the 3 kids under 5 years old getting very sympathetic looks from passers by, and passing comments like, 'Wow, you have your hands full!'  Days are full on, the evenings have gotten easier, with everyone going to sleep at a 7pm bedtime, and the nights are just a guessing game! We may get a good one, with baby Archer just waking up twice, which is our best scenario right now, or it could be the other end of the spectrum, with every child waking up, and a baby waking every hour or two!

Its crazy and chaotic and we are exhausted. But how can you not smile when you see these three! Some days they challenge me and drive me completely crazy, but I know we are so blessed with these three gorgeous, healthy, happy kids! Even if we don't sleep anymore...

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Nobody does animal prints quite like Popupshop Kids clothing!

Popupshop kids Panther sweatshirt and White Cat Sweat

Popupshop kids clothing is definitely one of my all time favourite kids clothing labels! This season we ordered in more styles than ever, and I am just obsessed! Their animal prints are just incredible, digitally printed, but without the use of dyes that contain heavy (harmful) metals & chemicals. The quality is supreme. These pieces will just last and last and last! Which is great for kids like mine, that like to be active and go hard everyday! On top of all of this they are made from Organic cotton and they are produced sustainably. I've said this many times before, but we love companies, like Popupshop, that actually care about the people who produce their clothes. They ensure they have real living wages, and good working conditions. This is a huge issue in the fashion/textiles industry as many large retailers, just don't seem to care about how their products are made and by whom, just about the almighty $$. 

Ethical clothing certainly doesn't have to be lame! As brands like Popupshop, Mini Rodini, Gardner and the Gang, Beau Loves and more have proven consistently!

You can find all these styles below on our website:

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