Dealing With The Unexpected

Thursday, September 20, 2012
Sometimes in life unexpected things happen. This week was one of those weeks, when everything is just going along as normal, we were comfortable, just going with the flow and then something happened, and that all changed. This was the type of something that threw us for a loop. The kind of thing that has forced us to ask the hard questions,  'did that actually just happen' and 'so what now?'

For us, this isn't the first time we have had major life upheavals and new challenges. It is nice in this uncertain time to be able to look back at those other crazy times in our lives and know that everything worked out for the best, and then have faith and know that we will be OK this time too. Joel and I, I think secretly thrive on challenging times, they bring us closer together, and force us to re-evaluate our dreams and goals, as hard as it seems at the time, things get shaken up a little, and the outcome is usually more in line with the direction we want to be heading in our lives. Not that I like them all the time, but occasionally I can handle it.

Sometimes things just happen. We choose to step forward in faith and feel confident that it will work out even better than before. Yes it can be a shock to the system, yes it can cause us to have a woe is me cry session, and yes definitely it can be stressful, pretty much anything 'unknown' is stressful. But then what, we have to keep moving forward and believe that there are great things in store! So we pray, Ok.. What now? And it is a little bit scary, and a little bit exciting all at the same time.

Yes I know I am probably being annoyingly vague. I will probably expand on this later, for now, this is it. A new direction is really what it is.

Karen xx

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8 comments on "Dealing With The Unexpected"
  1. Change is always hard as it is when life side-swipes you. You sound very positive about it. Hope it all goes ok.

  2. You've got the right attitude. In my experience things work out the way they're meant to in the long run x

  3. *hugs*... going through something to that know it will work out in the end.. just got to get through the hard patch...

    popping over from FYBF :)

  4. Change is always scary at first. Especially when it's unexpected. Stay strong and ride the storm. Hoping it'll all work out for you.

  5. Thanks!! I usually like change, but when it is on my terms, so the unexpected change is definitely the hardest!

  6. Thanks Catherine xx

  7. Thanks Yvette. Yep, that darn hard patch..

  8. Thanks Grace!! Definitely trying to stay as strong and positive as I can!!


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