My Week in Instagrams

Sunday, September 16, 2012
The beginning of this week was great, the end of the week, not so much. We have been house bound again because of a sick and contagious little boy. I am so glad that the weather is warming up and hopefully cold and flu season is over! I hope that you have had a lovely week! Here is a bit of a peek into ours.

The BEST cupcake ever. Our mothers group did a joint 1st Birthday Party for all the bubs, it was a blast!
Sunday afternoon Wine tasting with friends in the Swan Valley
I love my boys!
Two exhausted boys after a long walk at the beach
Taking Duckman for another beach walk!

So excited, I bought these this week on OzSale, shhhh don't tell Joel
Waiting for Joel at his favourite place, The Freo Doctor
Afternoon plans: School books and a Cup of tea
Who is walking who?
I am so happy to be finally making our back deck child safe!!

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8 comments on "My Week in Instagrams"
  1. Has anyone ever told you your hubby looks like Adam from myth busters? That first pic, I was sure it was him!

  2. haha Yes, he gets it all the time!! He even had a kid at the airport ask him for an autograph, he told the kid he wasn't Adam, but the kid didn't believe him because of his American accent, so funny!

  3. Ha! I see Jess beat me to it. i was going to comment on the resemblance :) terrific recap of your week. Thanks for blog hopping with me x

  4. He does too!!! Totally agreed. Great photos.

  5. Lovely pics! Perth did put on some gorgeous weather this weekend!

  6. wine tasting and cupcakes...does it get any better, really? I am your newest follower and would be pleased as pie if you stopped by!

  7. I love all your instagram pictures! Your little boy is soooo adorable!

    I'm your newest follower from the Monday Minglefollowme@

  8. lizzy-iheartsunnydaysSeptember 18, 2012 at 7:53 PM

    Mmmm...cupcakes! Love the 2nd last photo - so cute :)