I'm not a model if you know what I mean.

Saturday, September 1, 2012
Wow, he is a natural at this posing business. 
It has been a little quiet around here, that is what happens when uni catches up on me and I am struggling to catch up. We also have house guests this week, and I was busy getting the house cleaned up, which if you have a toddler you would know how much fun it is to clean when they are following behind like a human tornado.

I did pick up something fun this week though! A fun little infra-red remote for my Nikon DSLR, a staple of the fashion blogger, which I am not. But I have been having a good laugh while practicing to take pictures. I would love to do some outfit posts from time to time but I have always been super awkward at posing for photos if I try too hard- I always end up with double chins or just looking disjointed. So I am learning to relax and trying to be natural. I will keep practicing. I love the freedom this remote brings, if I want photos for my blog posts that I don't have to wait for someone to come around and then explain the random thing I am wanting to do.

Here are some of our first selfies with the remote!

What is it doing? 
He loves that the camera works on its own!
Oh yep, he is his mothers son! 
Have a great weekend!
Karen xx

6 comments on "I'm not a model if you know what I mean."
  1. How fun! I'd love to have a remote, but alas Im still working with a Point & shoot camera. It sure would be nice to have photos of me and the kiddo that arent taken at arms length.


  2. Love it! He is such a cutie! I have been meaning to get a remote for my DSLR for the longest time but just never get around to it. I THINK I definitely need to, would be nice to have a picture of two of Mia that's not taken one-handed!

  3. I found you through bloghop :)

    I think you're gorgeous by the way! And so is your little man! I saw the words mum, and married to a bearded American, so I'm taking it you are either English or Australian. I'll say Aussie! (I didn't read the "About" yet :P) Def. a follower! Happy I stumbled on your blog!

    Steph at http://www.heartsoulinspiration.com/

  4. Hi Jennifer, I agree the arms length ones just got too similar, I had to try something else!!

  5. Yeah get one, you will have a blast with it anyway, plus so good for Christmas photos and all the rest. I felt like it was a worthwhile investment!

  6. Ha thanks for stopping by! Yep you guessed right, I'm an Aussie, from Perth. You're too sweet!