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Thursday, November 11, 2010
On Monday night I was asked to work at the Ed Kowalczyk concert. For those of you my age and older may remember him as being the old lead singer of the band Live. He is on tour at the moment promoting his own solo album. I think Live was one of those bands that most people know a number of their songs but you don't realise it is them, at least that's how it is with me. I was happy to go along to help out, and I thought I knew a couple of songs, and the main reason we (being World Vision) were there was because Ed is a part of the artists affiliates program, and at all his concerts has been encouraging people to sign up and sponsor a child. So we were there with sponsor children ready to be sponsored! How amazing is that, a rock star taking time out of his gig to encourage people to care about some of the poorest people on the planet!!

Our job wasn't until the end, when everyone was filing out, so for the most part we could just enjoy the concert. I wouldn't call myself a fan before that night, but he was really amazing. His voice is fantastic, and more than that he is such a nice guy. I also figured out I knew way more Live songs than I had initially thought, I kept saying.. oh they sing this too? Ed stayed around afterwards to hang out and meet some of his fans! While the masses were mobbing him we waited for the opportunity just to say Thank You to him for all his support, and of course let him know that a bunch of Children got sponsored because of his encouragement!! When he saw us waiting, he made a beeline for us and was stoked to have a chat, he asked how many sponsorships we got, and was really excited about the whole thing. He was so lovely and passionate about poverty, I wish that more people who had a platform like Ed does would use it to be the voice of the voiceless. He is a fantastic advocate for the poor and helpless and it was really encouraging to meet someone using their fame for good! (and not evil! )
Alistair, Kevin, Ed, Me and Tia
Top Photo by Kevin Moffat

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