Some Vintage Lovelies..

Friday, November 26, 2010
This last week I aquired a couple of new items for my house. I love finding quirky, vintage and retro items for my house. I think it feels more homely and more like me, than just buying new things. This lovely 1960's desk I picked up from Ebay last weekend. You can't see it in the picture but it has a little bookshelf on the right side as well.

Yesterday I went to have morning tea with my Mum and Nanna and we starting chatting about crafting and sewing and all that fun stuff. My Nanna, in her younger years used to be a dressmaker, and according to my Mum she was pretty skilled at making them all sorts of dresses and outfits when they were young. Anyway, Nanna told me that I could have her old sewing machine, because she no longer uses it and it just sits in the closet. When I saw it, I immediately Loved it. It is an old Singer machine, and is
absolutely beautiful.

Isn't it lovely!! I love it.. I can't wait to actually learn how to use it. I need to oil it, and then download the manual to figure it all out. But right now it has found its perfect place on top of the new desk!

3 comments on "Some Vintage Lovelies.."
  1. It is so gorgeous!!!! and I love the desk too!- Great taste!

  2. Karen that sewing machine is amazing! It is so nice that it can stay in the family and be used. I can't wait to see some of your creations.
    I hope you are getting in the festive spirit!
    Much Love,

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