An Aussie Thanksgiving

Thursday, December 2, 2010
When we were living in America I often had people ask me what we did in Australia to celebrate Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is so huge in the USA that I totally understand why so many people hadn't really thought that it isn't celebrated around the world. Australia has a bit of a different starting point as we began as convict colonies. After the American Revolutionary War, England had nowhere to send their convicts, they had limited jail/gaol space and criminals were locked in large ships awaiting to be sent somewhere. England first tried the West Coast of Africa, and most of the convicts died within the first month there. They needed another place, and thus Australia was chosen. That is my long version of why we don't have Thanksgiving, its not that we aren't Thankful, we just have a different story.

This year having two Americans in the house it was pretty necessary to celebrate it anyway! Also it hopefully made our other American friends feel a little less homesick on one of their biggest holidays of the year.

We had a beautiful Turkey, named Tilly! We had a full spread of all the goodies, and making vegetables as fatty as we possibly could! Joels own personal beer selection of homebrew and lovely lovely desserts! Also, good friends to celebrate with.. all in all I think that we may have to continue to celebrate Thanksgiving here in the future! Might have just started our own new family tradition. Hot weather, turkey, and shooing the flies away from all the food!
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