Family Halloween Costume Ideas

Thursday, October 20, 2011
I love Halloween, mainly because it means dressing up. I love a good dress up, when I was in grade 10 at school we had a fancy dress formal and I went dressed as 'The Ocean,'  what was I thinking! I painted my whole body blue with white swirls, including the boob tube I was wearing, I sprayed my hair blue and stuck shells in it. I made a skirt out of some old material and stuck sand and shells to it,  I found out the hard way that with all that glue the skirt didn't actually bend so I had to stand up the whole time.

Unfortunately we actually rarely dress up anymore, and Australia isn't big on Halloween like the USA. Now that we have a little guy to dress up I started thinking about fun family Halloween costumes, and did a little digging around for some ideas.

Where the Wild Things Are, how awesome is this? I love it, I bet this little boy just had the best time.
Yes, I believe in the 80's a mobile phone was about the size of a baby! So funny!
A Family Smore
Pac Man, look at those cute little ghosts
This one made me laugh. Don't know that many babies who would enjoy being stuffed in a pot.
We could dress Angus up as Fluffy and Ez as Harry Potter.
Who ya gonna call?? Ghost Busters! How cute is the little Slimer
I like to wear Stretchy Pants!! Nacho Libre, this isn't really a family costume, but it brings a big smile to my face, so i just had to include it. 

All of these pics are from Pinterest. If you click on the photo caption it will take you to the original link.

I would love to hear any other ideas you have for Family Halloween costumes!! What you have done, or what are you planning on doing this Halloween
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