A little paint goes a long way: Baby Cot/Crib

Wednesday, October 12, 2011
So we did a bit of an Ikea Hack on the $99 cot from Ikea and painted it tea house grey

After researching and searching for the perfect cot/crib for our nursery for  Ezra, I was quite discouraged. The really stylish ones were so expensive. I could have bought one, but I just couldn't bring myself to spend that much. I have found that baby stuff is like wedding stuff, for some reason just because it is for a baby, companies feel like they can charge an exorbitant price. The mid range cots just didn't really fit the vision of what I had for the nursery, the style was very different for what I was going for and they weren't what I wanted.  I couldn't find anything  I really liked that fit into the price range I wanted. I kept getting so discouraged because I found these great cots in the USA for such good prices, then I look them up here and they are twice the price. SO I had to get a little more CREATIVE. Now I have a finished project and a cot that only cost $99, I am really, really happy.

We bought the raw pine finish IKEA cot that cost $99. I then primed it, and painted it one of my favourite colours that was left over from when we painted our back room, Dulux's Tea House Gray. Ignore the rug in the after picture, I still need to move that out of the nursery and get one that is suitable for a little boy.

Now just to get the rest of the nursery out of my head and in to real life. 

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