A little time at Creche

Wednesday, March 7, 2012
Today I took a big step in motherhood. It was quite scary. It may not be a big deal to some, but it was to me. I have been feeling pretty limited (as I'm sure most Mums do) in my exercise options, really when you have a baby in your care it comes down to walking or running with the pram.  I have always been a terrible runner, and quite frankly, I hate it. SO I made a decision to get a membership at the pool. I love swimming and doing laps is actually a great way for me to clear my mind and think! The great thing is, that with the pool membership you can use the Creche for free.

Ezra will be seven months old in a few days, and is definitely way more aware of me, and when I'm gone. I think a few months ago he would be happy with anyone who smiled at him. These days, he is a bit  pickier. So I was kinda scared that he would hate me leaving him with strangers for half an hour. Only half an hour, I know. I think I was more freaked out than he was. He did great, played with toys, crawled around, and when I came back they were pushing him around in a stroller keeping him happy.

Before I was a Mum I didn't get how hard it was to leave them. You would think you would feel a sense of freedom when someone else is caring for them. You don't, at least I don't. You just think about them the whole time and wait for one of the Creche employees to come and find you and tell you your child is inconsolable.  Despite this, it felt soooo good to get a good swim in and start working on my fitness again! 
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