My Most Useful Baby items

Tuesday, March 27, 2012
Life has been a little busy! I have good news though, in the last couple of weeks my little man has started sleeping through the night! Whooo Hooo. I feel like a new woman, even though his wake up time is usually about 5.45am, I can handle that!

I thought I would do a post on some of the most USEFUL items I have relied on in the last 7 months. I'm not including obvious things like a cot and pram, I figure most people realise those are pretty helpful items to have. I know when you are shopping around for baby stuff it can be so overwhelming. I always found tips from real Mums, who are in the midst of raising babies really helpful. So now that I am one of them, I thought I would contribute.

USEFUL item #1
Bumbo Chair
Once Ezra was old enough to hold his head up this chair was awesome. He loved being in it, and because it is so light you can take it anywhere. It was also recommended by the physio because no matter what I did he was only sleeping on the right side of his head. So this gave him some time to reduce the pressure on the back of his head and helped reduce his flat spot and strengthen his neck.

USEFUL item #2
Tommee Tippee Mesh sucker thingy (not its official name)
This item has really been so helpful, when his gums are hurting I put some ice blocks in it and he happily sucks away. When he is a little cranky or just in the afternoon "unsettled period" I give him some fruit in it and it keeps him entertained while I get stuff done in the kitchen. Such a great invention, they just suck the food through the mesh.

USEFUL item #3
Baby Carriers: Sleepy Wrap and Ergo baby 
In the early days I loved the sleepy wrap. It was so comfortable and easy to use, but once he started getting a bit heavier the Ergo baby carrier has been amazing. I did a lot of research about carriers because I have a messed up lower back and neck, and I heard some carriers were just terrible for back problems. I can wear my huge 7 month old in the Ergo without any pain or pressure, it is awesome. It is easy to put on and most importantly comfortable.

USEFUL item #4
Tummy Tub
We have a small bathroom with no bench space, and our bath is so deep and big it was just impossible for us to have any other kinds of baby bath. I thought these tubs were ingenious. You only have to put a small amount of water in them, so I can carry it, no drama. I can put it in the lounge room, near the heater to keep the but from getting chilly in winter, and we even took it camping to make the easiest way to bath a babe outside at the campsite. We used it until Ezra was about 5 months old, and then he moved to the big bath.

USEFUL item #5
Grocery home delivery
 I like this so much that I still have my shopping delivered. The other day I went to the store, thinking it was about time I started actually going in again. It was terrible, I forgot like five items, and spent ages going back and forth to different isles trying to find things. It took me so long, I had a cranky baby in the end, and an even crankier Mummy. I had to go back out later and get the items I forgot, and so I decided it isn't really any more expensive to get it delivered and the convenience is so worthwhile.

I am in no way being paid or benefiting from recommending these products, they are just things I have bought myself and found to be really great products. All photos are my own.
I may have to do part two of this because there really are some awesome products that make life so much easier!

Karen xx

4 comments on "My Most Useful Baby items"
  1. Karen - great post! That tub cracks me up :)

  2. I agree with you, such kind of baby items essential for every little so thanks for shared great info about Baby Products

  3. I am totally with you on the bumbo, mesh sucky thing and home delivered groceries!!! My other two most useful items would be a butler and a cleaner but i seem to have misplaced them!! Fabulous on the sleeping thru. My little one is 5 months and i live in hope.

  4. Yes Yes Agreed a Butler and a Cleaner would be extremely useful, and a cook too perhaps!! (maybe I've been watching too much Downton Abbey)