A Day at the Show

Saturday, October 6, 2012
This week we ventured out to the Perth Royal Show. The last time I went to the show, I was a teenager. Now I remember why I have been avoiding it for so long.

Well mostly it was pretty fun. We like all the animals and farming stuff. Ezra loved looking at all the animals and petting some sheep and goats in the petting zoo. We watched some cows getting milked, watched a sheep dog do his sheep dog thing and checked out the baby chicks hatching from their eggs.

I took Ezra on his first Carousel ride, he was not into it. He wasn't scared, he was just bored, and kept wanting to get down and run around. Every picture Joel took his face is emotionless, so funny.

This is really showing my age, I guess, but there were just soooooo many teenagers. Not that I have a problem with teenagers, but girls seriously shorts that look like underwear are really unnecessary and maybe look flattering on 1 out of 50 of you. Yep, I'm totally an old lady for just saying that. But really, it doesn't look good. I know it is hard because it's almost impossible to find a decent length pair of shorts out there, I know, I've been searching. The one inch inseam just isn't going to cut it for this Mumma. (I think this should be a whole different post, soon)

Anyway back to the show. For the first time I went to the show and came home without buying a show bag. It doesn't mean I didn't try, in fact I walked up and down for the good part of an hour trying to find the Yo Gabba Gabba bag for Ezra, that has seemingly vanished from the show altogether, that was the only one I wanted. Our small house doesn't really need anymore useless crap lying around, so I couldn't bring myself to get anything else. I debated over my own show bags and decided that my hips didn't need and more chocolate right now, and we left empty handed.

Will we be going back next year? Probably not. I think we will wait until Ez is a little older and can appreciate it more. Joel had never been before so it was fun to take him to experience what an Aussie 'fair' is like.
Baby boy and baby cow. And the balloon that never left his sight.
I used to LOVE this ride as a kid
It started raining so we ducked in a tent for some good old Coin Dozer
I won big time. 
The crowds at Sideshow alley
He didn't win me anything, what a jerk.

Karen xx 
3 comments on "A Day at the Show"
  1. I went to the show every year of my life (bar the one year I was out of the country) until I was about 16 and have only been back occasionally since then because it's so expensive. I thought Tricky would be a bit too little to enjoy it this year, plus we went to the Dowerin Field Days recently and that was enough for us :)

  2. I used to LOVE the swinging chairs too, So.Much.Fun. And what is it with kids and carousel's these days? They just don't seem to get as excited about them as we used to. Such a shame. Looks like fun though. I'm ashamed to admit that I feel a little intimidated in crowds of teenagers! Probably because they're all bigger than me...

  3. from Mom Williamson: Don't hold the shooting gallery washout against Joel. I'm proud! All comes from our not letting him play with guns as a child! Go, Joel!