A new job, a new direction

Monday, October 22, 2012
So, I promised in my earlier post {HERE} to disclose what the big unexpected changes were that we were dealing with.

For the last month Joel has been jobless. He was made redundant from his job, and we didn't really see it coming at all. Obviously, it came as a bit of a shock, and put us in a bit of a spin.

We are a single income family, so we didn't even have the back up of my wage. It was a pretty scary and stressful place to find ourselves.

Although he got a redundancy payout, you just never know how long it will be until another job comes along. So we were trying to scrimp and save as much as we could.

Today however, he had his first day at his new job!
There are some great new perks with this job too, he works 10 hours a week less (yep, he used to work a 50 hour week 6am-4pm, ouch). It comes with a company car to drive for personal use as well! Yay, because we have been living with one vehicle! It also seems that it is WAY less stressful than his last job, which is great for us, because hopefully he wont just crash out at the end of the day.

We prayed and we had faith that it would turn out ok.
And, we were not disappointed. There were some really hard times. The emotions that come with facing the unknown can be tough to deals with, especially when you have a mortgage and bills to pay.

He found out he got this new job last weekend, but wasn't going to start until a week later.

We decided we couldn't take another week of moping around the house. We had the certainty of a job awaiting.

So we went on a Holiday! And it was AMAZING!
{I will do another post about that, because it deserves one all of its own}

Thank you so much for those who reached out to us, prayed for us and supported us during this time.

A sneak peek of our holiday, starting to relax here!
Life definitely can throw curveballs at you sometimes and shake you up from the norm, as wise people say, it is how you deal with it that is important.

Karen xx

15 comments on "A new job, a new direction"
  1. Big changes at the Williamson house! Glad you guys made it through the rough patch - can only imagine how you must have been feeling! We will continue to pray for Joel as he makes the transition into the new job. Sounds like God knew what He was doing in allowing this all to happen! God is so good, isn't He?

  2. He certainly is! Big, big changes. But things are starting to feel normal again now, for that I am very happy!

  3. I'm so happy that it worked out for you. It sure sounds like you needed that holiday. Wishing you all the best in your new more relaxed life. It sounds like it was meant to be.
    Prue x

  4. That is so fantastic. Being a stay at home mum with only my husbands income to support us, this has also been one of my biggest fears as well. I am so very glad that it has all worked out well for your family in the end.

  5. Fantastic to hear it looks like all is working out for the best. All the best for the new job. Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses

  6. How fantastic, great idea to take an impromptu holiday too.

  7. Oh yay! I'm so pleased, and encouraged, that things worked out for you guys. I was made redundant two days ago. I am the sole mortgage holder and main income earner in my house, and am right in that place where although I just received a termination payment, I don't know when my next paycheck is coming. It's scary.
    I LOVE your closing line. Yes, how we deal with it is the MOST important thing. :-)
    Thanks for the encouragement. x

  8. That really is fantastic news, Karen. I always believe that things like job redundancies are a blessings in disguise. So glad that the situation worked out to be even better for you and your family. Look forward to hearing about the holiday! x

  9. Love how God comes through with these answers. We've been in a similar situation with Boatmans job, and we are literally taking it one week at a time, but we know God has our best interests at heart, so it will work out.
    So happy your guys have been blessed like this. :)

  10. Thanks Prue, it is funny how things like this often work out for the better!

  11. Thanks Lee! It definitely was scary, and unexpected, but I'm glad we made it through!

  12. Oh Lisa, I know how you feel, it is scary. My Dad encouraged us when it first happen and said that the 2 times he was made redundant, things actually turned out better than before. That helped me stay positive and believe that the same thing would happen for us, and I hope for you too!!

  13. It is so true Grace, it gives you an opportunity for change that you may not have made before, and helps you to evaluate what is really important!

  14. It is so hard not knowing what the future holds, but I think sometimes these things happen as a reminder that we are not in control, and God is, as much as we like to think we are. I will be praying for an even better job to come along for Boatman!!