Happy Valentine's Day

Thursday, February 14, 2013

As much as I like chocolates, presents and flowers, I'm not a huge fan of Valentines day. But, something niggles at me every time it comes around. I start to feel the pressure of society to do something, if I don't, I feel guilty, which I hate having as my motivation to do something for the man I love. I would rather get or give a gift on a different day of the year, just because Joel thought of me, and wanted to do something special for me, not because of the date on a calendar. Still, that feeling that you missed out because everyone else got something special starts to make you wonder why you didn't get anything. It is so lame!!!

Saying all that, for the last few Valentines Days I have baked. I know that my husband really likes sweets and baked goods, and I almost never make things like that, as I have more of a savoury craving.
I have some old heart shaped cake tins from my Nanna, and so I like to use Valentines day as an excuse to use them.

Today was my first experience baking with a toddler (usually I do it while he's asleep). But, I thought it would be nice if we did it together, and so I let him try to destroy everything I was trying to make help. It was a bad decision. Not only was it impossible to stop him eating, dipping fingers in and sneezing in the cake batter, he was also desperate to put whole eggs, shell and all into the mixture. He wanted to control the mixer, and grab every item that I pulled out of the cupboard. Somehow though, we managed to finish it, and not only that, but it worked out pretty well. I mean, it looks good, I haven't tasted it yet though, so it could be disgusting.

I hope you had a lovely Valentines day with your love, your friends, your family and whoever makes you feel good about yourself, because I think that is the real point of the day, to let the people around you know that you love and appreciate them.

I'm off to relax, watch a movie with my love, and try not to think about the copious amounts of packing we still have to do.

The last picture is my gift from Joel, because I kept complaining he buys them for all the people he does presentations at work for, and never for me!!
Karen xx

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12 comments on "Happy Valentine's Day"
  1. We don't celebrate V-Day anymore......but I sure do wish that someone would buy me those gorgeous macaroons you got!

  2. It's hard work cooking with a toddler, & you have done amazingly well, look at that cake!!! I felt that pressure yesterday, we don't celebrate Valentines day but it was a good excuse to eat something nice for dinner.
    Prue xx

  3. The cake looks lovely - I am sure it will taste pretty good too !!!!
    We don't celebrate V-Day anymore - we just do things for each other whenever the time is right and, like you, not because of a date on a calendar.
    Have a great week !

  4. We don't celebrate Valentine's Day here.

    Although yesterday I too felt that pang of guilt and so tried to do something nice for Daddy R.

    I thought that Toddler C and I could make him a card. So I got out the paper and paint and some stamps...ten minutes later the front yard looked like scene from Dexter, I was frustrated and Toddler C was completely covered in red paint.

    And of course there was no card.

    So consider your cake a triumph...it looks great!

  5. We are not big on V-Day here, preferring to do things at other times. I spent last night looking for fabric to modify my bridesmaids dress that I need to fit in to in a months' time (eek!) and having an Ice Chocolate and Waffles afterwards with my friend Kelly HTandT. It was actually a really nice way to spend the evening.

  6. Straight after he gave them to me, he said, now you can't complain anymore... ha. But, they are delicious, can you believe I've never had Macaroons before!!

  7. It was so stressful, I'm not sure I'm ready to try again anytime soon! The pressure is so weird, I hate it!!

  8. I think because my husband is American it is still a little ingrained in him!! And yes the cake was lovely!! x

  9. Hahaha Thanks for the laugh, thats amazing, I can just imagine! It was a triumph, but not one that I am willing to put myself through again any time soon... the experience may have turned me grey!

  10. That sounds like a great way to spend Valentine's!! Waffles sound especially good right now!

  11. You're a game lady, cooking with a toddler. How nice that you have those tins from your nan. That's very sweet.

  12. I know what you mean about the pressure of society but we overcome it but picking to celebrate the week before and call it Devotion Day :) Makes it less commercialised and much more special to us! That being said, sometime I still sneak him some choccies on the actual day :)