On a Sunday

Sunday, February 3, 2013
Today has been a bit of a hard day.
Not for any particular reason, apart from just feeling exhausted.
Camping holidays aren't that relaxing when you have a toddler, and are pregnant as well. They are fun. But it wore me out. Especially those treks to the toilet blocks in the middle of the night!
Today is our first day back at home and I am in a bit of a daze.
It is hot, our air conditioning fan broke and needs to be repaired. Joel and I are both a little grumpy at each other probably due to the heat, tiredness and pregnancy hormones. Ezra had a hard night last night and didn't get to bed until late because of either extreme over-tiredness or his other teeth coming through.
I think we all have these days, where all you want to do is veg on the couch and do nothing, but then you remember that you have lots of responsibilities and lazing about is not really an option.
So you get grumpy.
We are pining for the seaside holiday that we just left, and everyone is just a little bit on edge.
I'm trying not to stress about the next few weeks, and all the work we have to do with packing up our house. The thought of it is a little daunting. I will be really glad when it is all over and done with.

We finished the day on a good note.  Joel with his glass of wine, and I whipped up a watermelon, blueberry and yoghurt smoothie for Ezra and I. Joel tried his hand at making Philly Cheese Steaks for dinner and we sat outside, where it is a little cooler, and ate, and laughed.
The kid went to bed easily (although I've heard a few groans and hoping they won't turn into anything more), and soon we will sit down to watch a movie, before having a pretty early night.

I hope your Sunday went better than ours, but everyday can't be perfect!

Karen xx
We'd rather be here! 
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2 comments on "On a Sunday"
  1. I know exactly how you feel...well probably not exactly as I am not pregnant but I totally understand the just wanting to lie on the couch but you can't because there are a million other things demanding your attention.
    It is hard somedays.
    I hope that Ezra slept well last night and that you are having a good Monday!

  2. Yes, today has been sooo much better. I'm feeling rested and Ezra has been a little angel (surprisingly)!! Thanks xx