Bringing Home Baby

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

It's been over two weeks since we brought Willow home from the hospital, and since we have been navigating life with two kids. Joel was able to work from home for the last two weeks, and just went back to his regular schedule on Monday. It was such a huge blessing having him around, especially to entertain Ezra during the days that I was still in recovery mode. Living with my folks has been a massive help as well, my Mum is around during the days to give me a hand, and doing a lot of cooking, she is lapping up those baby cuddles, and when Dad is here on the weekends Ezra is his little shadow. Lets just say I've had it pretty easy so far.

The second time around I feel so acutely aware of how fleeting the sleepy newborn stage is. Willow has been a really good bub so far, I guess it is just a whole lot easier the second time around. I often find myself wondering why I thought having one baby was hard, and wondering what I did with all my time I must have had then. It is still that first baby that takes up most of my time right now! But, of course, the first time round I spent so much more time fretting, figuring out breastfeeding and adjusting to my new life as a mum. This time, thankfully I feel so much more proficient. Willow has been stacking on the weight, and had already put on half a kilo in a week since we left the hospital. She is such a good eater, soon she'll be my little chunky bub I'm sure.

Ezra is adjusting to being a big brother. He really seems to care for his baby sister, which is so sweet to watch. He just has to be careful with the occasional stray elbow or foot. Every morning he jumps into bed and asks for a 'carry', meaning he wants me to put her on his lap for him to hold. He then likes to point out all her facial features and smother her with kisses. He definitely goes a bit over the top sometimes to try and get extra attention, he's shown signs of the green eyed monster making appearances, extra tantrums (which I think comes with the age in general), waking up in the middle of the night and using her dummy and climbing into the bassinet trying to be a baby. I am trying to make sure to spend as much quality time with him as I can, so that he doesn't feel neglected, reading stories, playing play-doh, being the one to put him to bed at night, special Mum and Ezra lunch outings. It is such a big change for a little one. But mostly I'm really impressed with how well he is taking to the changes.

On top of everything else we have been finalising our house plans and hopefully building will start soon!! Yay. We are also moving out of my folks house next week, just around the corner, so still nice and close. Because the build was taking so long to get happening we felt like we should look for a place of our own, it could be another year before the house it built.

Karen xx

6 comments on "Bringing Home Baby"
  1. She is just divine Karen! And you are looking fantastic! So glad to hear its been going well and Ezra is adjusting to life as a big brother. I must admit I have already been thinking how much time I must have had with only Punky and how much less time there will be this time around. You sound like you are handling it perfectly!

  2. Oh bless her!! Sounds like you are doing an amazing job and so very lucky to have your mum so near xx

  3. What a blessing to have your mum so close. Willow is just adorable hun and Ezra is doing an excellent job of big brother :) x

  4. She's so precious! Massive congratulations to you xx

  5. Sooo Cute! It seems like yesterday I brought my lil Emma home, and she was 3 months yesterday.

  6. Thanks Kylie! I hope you are settling in well at home!