Making a home, in someone else's house

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

This weekend we moved out. After almost six months of lodging with my parents since we sold our house (which you can see here), and multiple delays in the start of the building of our house, we decided it was time we needed some more space of our own. Our stuff was slowly seeping into every crevice of my parents house, it's hard not to take over when there are two of them, and four of us. We ran out of storage space and were starting to feel a bit cramped. As nice as it is to have the extra pairs of hands around and help whenever you need it, I think it is equally as nice to have a place that is 'yours' a place that you can decorate and dictate they way you want it. Well to a certain extent with a rental property. I was so excited just to raid the storage unit where all our belongings are and just use some of my own stuff again.

It is nice just to see how our little family works as a unit again, especially now that their are four of us. It felt like I was in a bit of a limbo for the last 6 months and couldn't really settle into a good routine. I'm so, so grateful that my folks were generous enough to let us takeover stay at their house, but when you are so used to doing things your way, it takes a little adjusting to do things another persons way, in their house. We all get along well, and there were no dramas, but we all felt like the time was right for us to expand into our own place again.

I'm adjusting to being by myself with two kids. Today, there was nobody else here to offer me a cup of tea, make toddler snacks or calm a screaming baby, so I didn't get my cuppa until 10am, and the baby screamed while I was stuck in toddler poop hell. The dishes didn't get done until midday, and no unpacking occurred. Ezra came down with a fever, teeth or ear related I suspect. But, we made it through, and we will do it all again tomorrow, and I'm ok with that. My kids are a lot of work, some days are harder than others, and I feel like we will figure out our own rhythm again soon. But, I'm happy, exhausted, but happy. I gave up on expecting to sleep a long time ago!! Oh, and it's just around the corner from my parents house, so it's not like I can't call for backup when I need it. It's also right across the road from the beach, it's pretty hard to feel down on your luck when you look out the window and see the gorgeous ocean

Angus is already at home here
The rest of our belongings, all packed up still

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Karen xx


6 comments on "Making a home, in someone else's house"
  1. I am sure that everyone will be grateful for that little bit of extra space even if it does mean that you have more to do yourself. What a beautiful view - I could do with seeing that every day when I wake up - enjoy it when you can !
    Have the best day and good luck with the unpacking !

  2. Oh I'm so glad you have your own little space. Your little girl is just gorgeous! You are doing an awesome job with two little people to care for right now - and still had time to blog about it!

  3. Wow, I can imagine it's crazy hectic at your house at the moment! But so worth it.

    Congrats on having your own space again!

    MC x

  4. Nice to see the kids have settled in! I loved your description "toddler poop hell" - oh, I know just what you mean!

  5. {}
    Always nice to have your own space to go home to and be you.

  6. It will take some getting used to for sure K but it'll happen and you'll get a nice routine, until things change AGAIN! :) Emily @ Have a laugh on me