On The Hunt For Great Beach Shade

Thursday, October 17, 2013

As Summer is quickly approaching and as we are planning on spending A LOT of time at the beach seeing we live so close now, we are in desperate need of a great beach umbrella or tent!! With both a toddler and baby I don't want them getting fried by the sun, but I also don't want to feel like I'm stuck indoors all Summer. There are some really gorgeous options out there that I am so keen on, I love the idea that the umbrellas aren't just functional, but that they look really great too! Most importantly for me, I need something that is easy to carry and set up. Juggling two kids and all their gear, fiddling around with something that is really difficult is not an option for me! We had one of those auto pop up ones, but then I could never get it folded right into the bag, and when the wind blew, it bent over so bad it was about 10 cms off the ground.. NOT PRACTICAL! 

So, here is what I have found! 

This Basil Bangs Calypso Umbrella. So cute, they have so many gorgeous umbrella designs, I would buy them all if I could! This one retails for $249

This is the Indigo Pyramid Beach Tent by Ginger and Gillian, from Byron Bay.
I love the idea of having a little Teepee on the beach, plus is gives some protection from the wind and is great to stop sleepy babies getting wind blown. It retails for $350

Next is one that is a little more in my price range. This is the Married in Mustique Umbrella by Suboo, so gorgeous and only $149. yay!! 

The Sombrilla from Hollie & Harrie is a pretty great looking shade! I think you may need two people to set this one up though, and by two people I don't mean me and a two year old!  This retails for $180

This last one isn't quite as cute as the others, but in terms of functionality it seems pretty good to me! The ease of an umbrella with the side flaps and protection of a tent! It is the Sport-Brella  and is the cheapest of the lot retailing for $99.99

Well, I'm still undecided about what to get, but I NEED to get something! If  you have any other great suggestions for beach shade, I'd love to hear it!

Karen xx

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