The Best Darn Iron I have ever owned: Review Philips PerfectCare Aqua Steam Iron

Wednesday, October 23, 2013
Phlips Perfectcare Aqua Iron

I am officially an ironer, I never thought that I would ever be able to say that, but, turns out that one crazy, awesome iron can do that to a person. Its hard to believe I actually like to iron now. I've always liked the look of ironed clothes, but the whole process of getting everything out, waiting for the iron to heat up and tediously trying to free my garments from wrinkles whilst inadvertently putting more wrinkles in it, was just something that I could not motivate myself to do. I was more than happy to look like a wrinkly slob to avoid doing the ironing! Although in the spirit of honesty, I still don't iron Joel's work shirts, because he is skilled in the art of ironing, he loves the new iron too and I'm a firm believer that a man can iron his own shirts!!

 The only other time in my life when I actually did the ironing, was when I was a teenager and I wouldn't say that I enjoyed it, I was motivated by the almighty dollar, my Mum used to pay me (because you can rarely get a teenager to do chores out of the goodness of their heart), to do baskets of ironing. I wasn't trusted with the important stuff, like Dad's work shirts, but I could turn out a pretty mean wrinkle free pillow case. This phase didn't last that long, because even money wasn't incentive enough for the bore chore that is ironing.
When I received the Philips PerfectCare Aqua, (which my Mum was almost certain would be passed along to her because of my distain for ironing) my outlook on the pile of potential ironing changed. The first time I tested it, I was running wildly through the house trying to find more things to iron and different fabrics to test out. It was so quick and easy, I was desperately trying to find something that this iron couldn't handle. In those first weeks after the iron arrived, Joel would often come upstairs to find me ironing, and would give me strange looks wondering why I was ironing toddler and baby clothes...well because everything looks better without wrinkles right, and it takes about ten seconds to iron a onesie! The novelty may have worn off just a little, I'm no longer ironing whilst fist pumping about how amazing it is, but I still iron WAYYY more than I ever used to.

So why is this iron so good? How did it manage to achieve the almost impossible and make an ironing lover out of this ironing hater?
Philips steam iron

What I love about it:
- It heats up super quick, like 2 minutes. So fast!
- The steam power breezes through any ironable fabric without having to fiddle with settings or wait for temperature changes. So simple!
- You can use it as a steamer on hanging items!! (One of my favourite features by far) Especially for those fabrics you tend to iron more wrinkles in than out!
- It can lay flat, face down on the ironing board (which is so much safer when there are kidlets around)
- It also has a locking system to lock the iron onto the base, which again is really safe, and helps you to carry it around.

But, you can check out all of its awesome features here:

Philips PerfectCare Aqua Steam Iron

But, the biggest reason I love it is because it is so fast, and so much more effective than a regular iron. Joel can iron 4 shirts in the time it used to take him to iron 1! It really is one of those home appliances that saves you time and frustrating, and brings a little joy to a chore that I used to despise!

So, are you an ironing enthusiast or ironing despiser?

Karen xx
Disclaimer: {This iron was sent to me free of charge for the purpose of reviewing it, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. It's just a pretty awesome iron}

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