All Moved in: sort of!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014
So moving day has come and gone, and with some help from good friends we got all the big stuff in without much drama at all, it's all the little things that take forever when it comes to packing, part of me just wants to throw everything in the bin! In the midst of it all we have been painting, laying floors, building fences and prepping our old place for its new tenants. In fact, tonight, I've ducked back to the old place to get another car load of stuff and to let you know I'm still here!! But... our new house doesn't have an internet connection yet, and won't for awhile, I've been told I need to wait for the NBN to be ready in our area, so, until then, I'm trying to get by on the oh so slow wifi on my phone. But, really I cannot complain, I can live without internet, after all, I'm in my new house, and I LOVE it and I am so, so grateful!

We are still living in a sandpit, although the landscaping guys have been working for the past three days, I'm hoping for grass tomorrow! We have lots of work still to do, I only have curtains on the bedroom windows, we need to do the decks and the trims, but all in good time. We are only the second house filled with people on our street, so it is a construction zone during the day and so quiet at night. I have boxes everywhere, and I still need to do a good thorough clean from all the construction dirt, but it is so nice to finally be moved in. I really am so happy.
I'll have some way more informative posts about building houses and such soon, I promise!

3 comments on "All Moved in: sort of! "
  1. How exciting for you Karen, congratulations. Looks like a lovely house as well

  2. How exciting, enjoy your new home xx

  3. your new place looks awesome! So jealous.