Neon Granny Square Cot Blanket

Sunday, March 16, 2014

I finished making this granny square crochet blanket, a number of months ago as a full sized cot/crib blanket for Willow. Yes, yet another baby blanket, my third one now! I used some of my favourite colours including this bright Neon pink! I love me some neon pink! I also incorporated, dark grey, mint green and an off white, natural wool colour. These will be the base of my colour scheme for her whole room! Which I have lots of ideas for but no time, so her room is a work in progress! When I started off I had no idea how to make a granny square, so the first few were very slow going, by the last ones I was speeding through! Alright maybe not speeding, but I definitely was moving a whole lot faster than the beginning.

There are some great tutorials and videos on you tube for how to make a granny square! Here are the ones that I used: HERE
I then joined them all together using the 'granny join' the tutorial for that is HERE
It does take a long time, and I needed to make a lot squares so it was a long process! but I'm so happy with the result, a labour of love! I'd love to crochet a full queen size blanket, but I don't dare to think how long that would take me.
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