The Flooring Installers!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010
This weekend was all about home renovations, seems like that is what every weekend is about anyway, they joys of owning an old house, good thing we love it! It feels so good to see things changing and coming along so nicely, and to be able to dream about the potential. It helps that my husband is really handy, and is a ex- tile installer and knows a whole lot about floor prep.
Our back room, ex back-porch with the newly installed door and window. We are covering up the jarrah floorboards. "Oh the horror" but what you can't tell by pictures is that the floor boards are weathered, there a major gaps and chunks out of them in certain places and they slope.. a lot. So first step before we lay tile is floor prep, and a whole lot of it.

This is only phase one, securing the floor so it doesn't move, which meant putting about a million screws in it. Phase two, was pouring concrete to level out the floor so that when I sit at my soon to be new office/studio that I am not constantly rolling forwards. That was hard work, as you can see, yes I worked too. It was fun, although I don't think I am great at manual labour. The best thing is that next weekend the tile will be down, and this room will look amazing! Then to the paint!
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