For The Love Of Beer!

Sunday, September 19, 2010
Recently our house has been turned into "micro-brewery" and nearly every spare inch of extra space has been taken over with beer bottles. In the dining room, in the laundry, in the office there are cartons of beer patiently waiting and developing (as I am told) until they reach their perfect drinking age and quality. Not that I really mind that much, I mean, apart from the outlay costs, this really saves us a lot of money, instead of paying $30-40 per carton, it costs about $20 for a kit and then it makes about 4 cartons or so, there is plenty of beer to go around. Simple math really, how can I complain about that! Of course I have nothing to do with the brewing process, apart from letting it to happen in the kitchen, my husband Joel is the brewer

It's great to see him measuring, boiling, record keeping, taking temperatures, not overlooking any details, like he is conducting an experiment. I think it is the scientist part of him that just loves the process, just as much as the drinking of it. We even bought wine barrel planters from friends of ours last week, that Joel was so excited about because it meant that he could grow his own hops! I have a feeling that he is only just starting to get into brewing, there will be a whole lot more to come.
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