I'll give you a knuckle sandwich

Saturday, September 18, 2010

So this is the brain child of my husband Joel and his very similar friend Josh, and their antics. They get in silly moods when they get together and their dumb jokes keep escalating and escalating, bordering and then becoming completely engulfed in the ridiculous. But, it makes me laugh....the idea popped into my head after one of these sessions and I needed to stitch it. I must say, if I can, that I love it. It is probably my favourite thus far. It is ridiculous, but it is cute!
1 comment on "I'll give you a knuckle sandwich"
  1. Karen this is so awesome! I wish I could embroider but I am trying to master my sewing first.
    Love the blog and I will be back to snoop around.
    Looks like life is treating you great which makes me smile :)