Great Day and New Project!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Best part of today so far was heading down and buying this Grab denim sleeveless jacket, best part of that was it was bought with a gift card from points earned with the credit card, so technically free. Really, I know better, just the credit card ploy to make you use it more, and the benefits are never quite worth it. For today though, I am happy, I feel a bit country. I need some sweet cowboy boots to go along with it, and I would fit right in. Side note: I must be going through a denim phase, because I bought a denim dress on sale, that would also go perfectly with some cowboy boots! Now I know what is next on the wish list! Second best part of today, I think I won One Movement Tickets for a big concert all weekend.. sweet, because I never win anything...

New Embroidery Project:

This is one of my favourite prints. It is from a tattoo flash, I believe from sailor tattoo artist extraordinaire Bert Grimm. Seeing I have no tattoos thus far, and I am still a bit tentative to get them, if I were to get anything, this may be it. For now though, I will embroider it and hang it on my wall, because simply, it is amazing and I love it! If after a while I still enjoy looking at it, I may decide to get inked. I first spotted this design last year when we were strolling down South Street in Philadelphia( you can see a black and white version in the top of the left flash sheet) ... and since then, I haven't been able to get it out of my head. I did get a suggestion to put a cupcake where the skull and cross bone is, that would be amazing, or maybe a needle and thread!
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2 comments on "Great Day and New Project!"
  1. I love that you called it a denim sleeveless jacket. When I had one of those I called it a Jean-Vest (Denim -vest works too).
    Congrats- you always have such fun style, and pull off things so well!!

    As for the Tat! I love it!!!!!!!!!

  2. I'm trying my best to make it sound cool ok!! vest just sounds daggy! hehe