My Mum finds the best things!

Thursday, October 21, 2010
I was pretty excited yesterday when my Mum gave me a couple of things that she picked up at antique fairs and opshops for me!

Firstly, these two awesome Embroidery Magic binders, they are filled with templates, stitch guides, ideas and everything else that someone like me could pour over for hours.
I love them! I also know that they will be very,very helpful in my development of embroidery.
Secondly, she picked up these cute little Betsey Clark Crewel Pillow Kits. They are pretty cute, I wouldn't of thought they were necessarily my style, but I think they can work in the right place! You can still see the price tag, my Mum always finds great deals.
Angus (of course) couldn't let photos get taken without being the poser that he is!
Just goes and sits right in the midst of it!
This one is a great shot of the huge bump on the top of his nose! It is so soft and velvety!
Now I better get back to my assignment, and stop procrastinating!

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