Another Love: Scrapbooking

Saturday, March 12, 2011
A favourite pastime of mine is Scrapbooking. I know, it makes me sound old right? I really enjoy it, and that is all that really matters. Sometimes when you have really nice photos that you love, you want to do more with them than just post them on Facebook. This is where Scrapbooking comes in handy.

Although I love to do it, the truth is for about a year or so I haven't really touched much of my scrapbook stuff. Which is a shame because I have a lot stored up from the USA. I even have my awesome Cricut Create cutting machine, and the Sure Cuts A Lot program on my computer, which I love! I guess the problem is I am just not really set up for it. Hopefully when our new office is sorted I can make it so that I can scrapbook and craft without making the whole house look like a wreck.

Yesterday, I pulled out some of my gear and started to cut and paste and play with paper! This is what I came up with!

This is a TTV (through the viewfinder) photo that I made of Angus and I "dogboarding" which I love. The rest is a mix of patterns and designs that shouldn't necessarily go together, but I liked the way they looked!

Here is another page that I did about a year ago, I love these pics!
The purple sheets have hand drawn triangles on them, something that I always do on the sides of my notebooks when I am in lectures!

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  1. Karen I love your scrapbooking! You have a great eye for textures and patterns that go so well together :)