I'm surrounded by Boys!

Thursday, March 10, 2011
But that is ok! Our house soon is going to have one more Male member! That is three against one.. uhoh! But the gender odds have always been like that in my family, being the only girl with three brothers. That said, I love the boys in my life and I am so so so so excited to add another one to the mix, and Joel is pretty excited especially because he had a feeling the whole time that we were having a boy. We found out today at the 19 week ultrasound that we are having a Boy. He was not being very cooperative, sitting and lying in all sorts of funny positions trying to hide from the sonographer, but that just meant we had longer to watch him, about an hour, and it was amazing. Just seeing him kick those legs and spread his fingers apart and then make a fist was awesome.

I have added some pictures, I like them, I hope you do too!
My Dad suggested that this last one could indicate a future AFL player, although Joel already has plans for major league baseball haha!
2 comments on "I'm surrounded by Boys!"
  1. So excited for you guys!! Yes, another Williamson boy :)

  2. Thanks Anya! So next year you will have to get your butt down here and visit!