Making a Fair Choice this Easter!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011
So Easter is right around the corner (although surprisingly late this year) and during this time of year chocolate sales go through the roof! I like to use Easter as a good excuse to stuff myself full of chocolate guilt free.

If having a "guilt free" Easter is on your priority list, like it is mine, you may be interested in the range of Fair Trade chocolate that is available in Australia this Easter. You can not only gorge yourself, but also know that the chocolate you are eating does not come at an added price. If you are wondering what this price is, check out my previous blog post "For The Love of Chocolate" , it is all about the exploitation of children in the cocoa industry.

There are so many choices this Easter, because so many more companies are jumping on board and making Delicious chocolate without leaving a trail of suffering. I got this information on an email through my work today, and I was so excited to share all the great Fair Trade Easter options!
1. Cadbury - well everyone in Australia has heard of Cadbury, and this Easter look at this great range of Fair Trade chocolate, including a giant Easter Egg!!
2. Alter Eco - personally I have never tried this chocolate, but it sounds pretty good. They work with an independent chocolatier in Switzerland, and are 100% Organic as well.
3. Chocolatier: So you can get this lovely range and more from Priceline, Myer, Oxfam Shops and more here They also have two stores in Melbourne.

4. Lindsay & Edmunds : Another Organic option. Handmade single origin Belgian chocolate. Wow.... is all I can say. For stockist and you can also order online.

These are of course just a few of the options out there. All the pics and details are from the Fair Trade Australia Website :
They have WAY more information and some great videos that really explain what Fair Trade Chocolate is all about, and why it is definitely worth the switch!!

Happy Chocolate eating, fellow Chocoholics!!
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