Day 9: Caravan Park Wars

Wednesday, January 25, 2012
Wow, what a night it was, and I missed all the action. Two drunken older ladies staying next to my parents site started screaming abuse at my brother's girlfriend last night. All because she asked them to not smoke right next to their tent, because it was filling up with smoke and she has asthma. My quiet Mum realised what was going on and stepped in with a piece of her
mind. Go Mum! And where was I whilst this was going on?? Asleep in my tent, I love a good caravan park drama, and i missed it all. Some people are so inconsiderate it drives mad. What sort of ladies scream abuse at an 18 yr old for politely asking them to move. Good thing they only stated for one night, or The Angry little man side of Joel might have come out!

Photos for today! Including a little
Bob-tail lizard we stumbled across.
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