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Monday, April 29, 2013
One of my goals, one of the things that I have really wanted to improve and work on is my photography. I took photography when I was in high school, I had a decent idea how to use an old manual camera, I knew things about aperture and depth of field, I even knew how to develop the film and the photos in a dark room. Then along came the point and shoot, and I forgot everything I knew. I became accustomed to the easyness of quick snaps, and no finesse.  A few years ago we bought a Digital SLR on a trip back to the states, you know because everything is like half the price over there. But, I have been cheating with it. I have left it stagnant on the auto settings. I haven't really challenged myself to capture the beauty and emotions of real life, just trying to snap pictures of smiling happy people posing for the camera. There was a long time when this camera rarely left its case, and I relied on my sub-par iphone camera way too much.

In the last couple of months, probably after too much browsing of beautiful blogs with amazing photographs, I have really, really wanted to step up my game in this area. A type of self-improvement I guess, a goal. So what better place to work on my goal than right here, on my blog.

Is this one of your goals too? I would love to know, you can work on it with me if you like.

Some mornings it is definitely worthwhile getting up to see the sun rise.
Perfect Saturday morning, BBQ breakfast with friends at the beach
How great is it to see the men hanging with the kids. Makes my heart happy. 
My beautiful boy, and those big blue eyes. 

Angus, you are still my baby, don't worry! 
Somedays I miss being a kid, not caring and swimming in my clothes. 

We spend most of our days by the ocean at the moment. The weather is still so warm. 
I hope you had a lovely weekend. Did you pull out the camera too? 
Karen xx 

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4 comments on "Pictures of a Week"
  1. I did photography in high school and in college and loved it. My old manual camera...which was such a big purchase at the sitting in my parents attic accumulating dust! I would love a digital SLR but until that dream becomes a reality, I will continue using my iPhone! And admiring others efforts!

  2. The iphone does do a pretty good job!! My brother uses an old manual, and still gets film developed, he's 6 years younger than me as well, but he likes to keep things retro. I'm not that dedicated!!

  3. Great photos! That sunset is amazing!


  4. Love the photo of the sunrise. So pretty!