Maternity Style: 31 weeks

Saturday, April 27, 2013

I feel a little more on top of things than I did this time last week. I am finally getting over my continuous colds that seem to have been hanging on for the last couple of weeks, it helps that we are now all getting a proper night sleep thanks to the cot! I even managed to buy a cradle for my little girl to sleep in. It was a bargain from Gumtree, and you know I love a bargain.

This week I taught myself (with the help of YouTube) to crochet, and I started a little project for my baby girl. I love the thought of preparing for her arrival by taking the time to sit and make something specifically for her. It's a bit of a tedious project, and it takes a lot of counting stitches, but I've been enjoying the time in the quiet, with no technology distractions. It is my time to think and ponder and dream. I think it has been helping me to emotionally prepare to be a mother again as well. Things can be so busy and chaotic with a toddler in the house, as well all the other demands and general business of life. I feel like I need the quiet and the solitude for an hour or so in the evenings just to focus on my precious girl, and how grateful I am for her. I'm so excited to meet her in person. 

Angus desperately wanted to be in the pictures with me today. He's my first baby, at least I treated him like a baby until my real baby came along.

And here is the cradle I bought. I am so excited about it, it is so so lovely! 

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Karen xx

Dress: Quirky Circus (from Myer Miss Shop)
Leggings: Urban Outfitters

9 comments on "Maternity Style: 31 weeks"
  1. Looking lovely Karen! Not long to go now. Angus looks like he's going to be a wonderful 'brother'.

  2. Looking fantastic! What a gorgeous little bassinet too.

  3. Already 31 weeks!
    Our fur baby is still our first baby...even though she probably doesn't get as many pats these days as she used to.
    I love the idea of crochet...and so nice that you are taking time out to connect with your little girl.

  4. You look GREAT!! Hoping that all is going well for you and that you are feeling better and better with each day.

  5. Thanks Belinda, time is just flying by! Angus is a very patient dog brother for sure, he puts up with a lot!! x Karen

  6. Thanks Sophie! I know I am so in love with the bassinet, can't wait to use it!!

  7. It is funny how quickly the fur babies move down the ranks. But now that we are at my folks and no grass out the back, he gets 3 walks a day, that keeps him pretty happy!

  8. Thanks Shari! I am feeling great this weekend, no more flu!!

  9. Love that dress! I love to crochet and need to get something in the works for my baby girl =)