Father's Day Gift Ideas

Thursday, August 22, 2013
So, if you're like me and only have small children who are unable to purchase presents for Father's Day, you are the one with the responsibility to get something for your partner on the wee ones behalf. Yes, I could just do the finger painting and breakfast in bed, but like I've mentioned before, I really like buying presents. so I've come up with a bit of a list. Some things Joel already has, so they are tried and true, he loves them, so I figure other guys like him would probably like them too! Other things are just stuff that I like, or wish I could him!
Jumper: this Critical Slide Society Jumper is awesome. Point Break is such an epic movie, and who doesn't love Swayze, I would borrow it all the time if I bought this for Joel!
Whiskey: I really enjoy researching and buying Joel a nice bottle of single malt scotch! I know he loves it, and so I continue to get them for him to help build up his collection. He likes the peaty, smokey stuff from the Isle of Islay so I often try to find a new one of those he hasn't tried. The Dalmore about isn't a smokey one, but it is really good, and as a bonus the bottle looks awesome.
Vans: Well you just can't got past a good pair of vans. Self explanatory really.
Watch: These Wewood wooden watches are so lovely!

Book: The Internet is a playground. Joel was given this book as a birthday present by friends of ours, and it is hilarious. We often sit down in the evenings and he reads excerpts out to me and we end up rolling around laughing and almost peeing our pants. If your spouse needs some laughter in their life, this is the gift to buy.
Poster: If you don't know who Ron Swanson is you are missing out! Watch some Parks and Recreations and have a laugh at the manliest man on TV! Best Character Ever!!! If you do know him, then this quote is the perfect gift for the drab cubical wall!
Hat: It seems that hats with prints for guys are coming back in a bit way. It seems quite 80's, but in a cooler way! At first I wasn't sure about it, especially the florals for men, but now I'm really liking them, I love this bird print!
Knives: knives? You ask. Yes, for whittling of course. You know the carving of wood. It is one of those crafts that a secretly wish would become popular again. Craft for men supposedly isn't cool, (unless you're Mr X Stitch) but this is a craft that is particularly manly! You could get a how to book to go along with them like this one here
It seems like I'm organised here, but watch me leave it all to the last minute like usual.
Karen xx

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  1. {www.crazyspeedylove.com}
    Great ideas - I have my Fathers' Day gift draft ready to post on Monday - including the Wewood Watch. Aren't they cool!! xx