We Have A Pad!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

We have a PAD!

Finally it feels like this house building project is making some headway. Now I can actually picture what our house will look like on our block. It is so nice to be able to see our house take shape and although I know there is still such a long way to go having the pad down is really exciting!

I'm looking forward to documenting the process here, not in excruciatingly boring detail don't worry, I won't get into too many nitty gritty details. There have been too many so far to document, including big arguments with the builder. It's at times like these I'm so glad my husband works in the construction industry and isn't afraid to be very, very vocal and demanding about what needs to happen. He also went over the plans with a fine tooth comb, which I'm so grateful for, because that is something I do not have the patience and eye for detail for, and he picked up a handful of mistakes that would have been very costly and annoying later on.

But that is all behind us now, I'm sure there will be more problems to navigate, it is house building after all. But today we are celebrating!! We have a PAD!!!

Karen xx

Do you have any building advice for us? I'd love to hear it!!


5 comments on "We Have A Pad! "
  1. It may be too late, but: Conduit conduit conduit.

  2. How exciting! I look forward to reading the progress report!



  3. What a great location! Look at those hills.
    No advice but looking forward to seeing this house built.

  4. Oh yes, too late, but we were on to it!! The builder is doing all the outside wall ones, and my brother (an electrician) is doing all the interior walls! So we kind of cheated!!

  5. My only advice - visit the site regularly and check on progress. We were gob smacked at how builders don't even look at the plan sometimes - if you keep an eye on things it can be fixed, if left to the end you're just stuck with it. We had the wrong colour mortar between the bricks (nothing we could do about that), they put kitchen benches in the wrong place, and windows too!