Jane Eyre for Babies!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

These books are just way to great! I have to share! The were given to Willow as a gift from her Aunty, but right now I appreciate them much more than she does! As a lover of literature, especially the likes of Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters, I just think these books are so great. Obviously, they don't have the depth of plot line and character development as the actual novels, but they are a fun way to introduce kids to some literary classics. There are a bunch more that you can buy, even books for boys too (not saying boys can't read Jane Eyre, but you know what I mean). They have Moby Dick, Alice in Wonderland, Romeo and Juliet, Dracula and of course one of my favourites Wuthering Heights.

If you 'need' these!! Or if you have a gift to buy, these seem perfect! Only $9.44 from the Book Depository


This is not sponsored I just think they are awesome!!

Karen xx

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