Hello 2014 and a two week bloggy break

Friday, January 3, 2014

HELLO 2014...

Gosh, I remember in highschool talking about what we will refer to the 2010-2019 years as, the teens we thought would be pretty cool. It seemed so far away, but what do you know, here it is, we are almost in the middle of 'the teens'. They are just zooming by, and I feel like I'm just hanging on with my fingertips trying to get a grasp.

But, New Years are pretty great though. I'm not big into making and announcing resolutions. But, what I like is the feeling that it is a new beginning of sorts. Its a great time to reflect on the year that was, and think about all the goals, dreams, aspirations and ideas I have for the new year. Oh and I have BIG dreams for this new year. Whether they will come into fruition or not, I'm not sure, but I'm going to work really hard, and try to make them a reality. I need dreams, I need goals, I need something to focus on and charge after, it is just how I operate. Often I have multiple ones going at the same time.

They consume my mind, I get excited, I have one scheme or plan after another, sometimes I follow them through, sometimes I get caught up in something new. Sometimes I am just too tired to do anything at all. But I love them, I love being inspired to try something, to chase something...

But, for the next two weeks it will be a little quiet around here. We are off on a family camping trip, we may be a little crazy taking a baby and a toddler camping in a tent for two weeks! We are seasoned campers, we have the whole set up, a 9 man tent, a kitchen tent and a big dome shade. We have the gas cooker and the weber babyq, I've got kitchen storage and clothing storage and an awesome mattress, plus the porta-cot.. SO MUCH STUFF! So the biggest worry is the thin walls and crying babies, we can handle that!

I've decided to take the whole two weeks off from blogging. And, I'm not even nearly organised enough to have any scheduled posts of guest posts lined up. So, if you find yourself here, just trawl through the archives!! Me, I'll be drinking red wine from a melamine cup and playing UNO, reading books, heading to the beach and making sure all the wineries are still up to par! I will also be heading on long walks at 6am to keep my children from waking up the whole caravan park!

So, I'll see you here when I get back. Hopefully inspired and refreshed for a whole new year! I hope you have a lovely Summer break (or winter for the Northern hemisphere folks)! And I will see you soon. But for now, I think I need to be completely present and not 'online' at all while we are making these awesome memories as a family!

YAY 2014!!!
4 comments on "Hello 2014 and a two week bloggy break"
  1. Have a great holiday sounds fab. I am sure the kids will love it and all the fresh air will make them sleep well. You certainly sound prepared to camp out. I hope you do get to read lots of books and be oh so present. I am sure you will come back totally inspired. Enjoy!

  2. Thanks Sarah, we are over prepared!!! haha. My plan is to just wear them out until they collapse into bed, the fresh air and outdoors does wonders for that! I hope I get to read too, I might just collapse into bed too though xx

  3. Have a great time camping, hopefully you get time to relax. You sound like you have everything covered. Enjoy the wine :)

  4. Enjoy your new years break away. Hope all your hard work pays off for you this year x