Reverting to my Childhood {Sponsored Post & Giveaway}

Friday, January 24, 2014

(this post is sponsored by Target Australia)

There is just something about having a baby girl that makes me revert to my childhood. I get drawn back to the days where I used to LOVE spending my days playing with and dressing up my dolls (and my brother, because I was always DESPERATE for a sister, but ended up with three brothers). I love having a boy, of course, the trucks and the cars and the boyish stuff is awesome and fun, but it isn't the stuff I get excited about. It doesn't bring back any sense of childhood nostalgia for me, not like Cabbage Patch dolls, Care Bears and Trolls.

But, ever since Willow was born (and really ever since we knew we were having a girl), there are some things that I just get a little too excited about, it isn't about common sense, or practicality, its all about emotional connection I think. I guess its just that really girly part of me that rarely comes out. I think when Willow gets old enough, I will happily (within reason of course) sit there and play barbies, doll houses, tea parties and dress ups, if she of course is into that kind of thing, or I guess I could just buy them for me and pretend they are for her! Who am I kidding, I already do that!

The main thing that really sucks me in though, is the clothes, oh the clothes, the gorgeous clothes. I love to dress my little doll baby girl in the morning, it is in no way a chore to pick cute outfits for her, even if I'm the only one who will see them that day. I spend way too long window shopping online and pining for gorgeous baby outfits and room decor. I'm well aware that I only have a short window of time before she starts dictating her own wardrobe, so I'm ready to take full advantage of that opportunity.

So when I go to places like Target, that have such a beautiful baby range, I have a hard time walking out of there empty handed, and I often wish they made the mini clothes in my size too, but for now, I'll have to live vicariously through my baby!

I'm a little obsessed with chambray right now, I couldn't walk past these gorgeous baby Botanical Bloom Chambray pants and Soft Botanics Dragonfly tee. They have a little room to move for this coming autumn. When I spotted those Watermelon Dunlop My First Volleys I couldn't leave them behind, so, so cute! Right now, she is just obsessed with chewing them, if she doesn't have her dummy in of course!

There is just something about gold sparkly leggings that I love. There is no way I could pull something like that off, but these are just so awesome. I love the flowy top as well, almost but not as much as the leggings!!  This is the Glitter Daze 2 piece top and leggings set. I love it on her, and she is so material obsessed she loves just feeling the top between her fingers! It keeps her happy for ages! 

This Geo Single Upright Basic Buggy caught my eye, its been something I've been needing for a while! I am a huge fan of triangles and geometric patterns! I have a big pram, but strollers are so useful when you have limited space, traveling and beach days. I haven't seen one this nice before (and for only $25).

I also got these for some special little bubba's arriving this year! I'm going to be an Aunty 3 x this year! I'm so excited!
-3 Pack Muslin Wraps
-2 pack Newborn reversible bibs stag/fox
- Mockingbird Floral Romper

And just a little heads up, if you are on the hunt for all things baby head to Target for their Everything for Baby Sale that starts January 30th... so stop by and snap up some bargains!!! 

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To Enter: Just tell me in 25 words or less in the comment section below: what makes you the most nostalgic about your childhood? 

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In the spirit of full disclosure,  I was given gift vouchers and also paid for this post by Target Australia but as always all opinions are my own.

16 comments on "Reverting to my Childhood {Sponsored Post & Giveaway}"
  1. I love to see the way my kids play together (there's six of them)! They invent games and it brings much joy to see!

  2. I love seeing toys I played with come back in fashion like Polly Pocket (not so little anymore), My Littlest Petshop and Sylvannian Families :)

  3. Seeing my son push my 28-year-old cabbage patch kid (my first son?) around in his little pink stroller, just like I did, 28 years ago.

  4. The toy panda that was taller than I when I received him. Peter Panda has aged, but is
    still a cherished part of my life.

  5. Willow is gorgeous! Smell really invokes the past for me and the smell of crayon drawings takes me back to kindy art days- Picasso style!

  6. i love how the simplest games are still the best, tiggy,stuck in mud, hide and seek,homemade slip and slids. i love watching my kids play the games i love to play with my bro and sis.

  7. Taking him to the same places I went on holidays as a child - we share the same first beach!

    (I love Target baby clothes)

  8. Watching my kids climb trees, give hugs, have bubble baths - and seeing myself and my siblings in them. I hope they build friendships like ours. :)

  9. Larry Lemonade icy poles, eaten on the back step always takes me back to my childhood x

  10. Scents like peppermint, ginger and eucalyptus, it reminds me of my childhood.
    My grandmother used lots oil with those scent to relief her pain.

  11. the smell of freshly dug up potatoes! I used to eat spuds straight from the ground when I was a kid :D

  12. Traveling back to my parent's farm with my children makes me nostalgic for sure,
    and watching them put on gumboots, play with animals, climb big trees and explore.
    I had so many happy memories in the wide open space with my brother's there -
    and glad that the next generation can create memories that one day they can share.

  13. Traveling back to my parent's farm with my children makes me nostalgic for sure,
    and watching them play with animals, climb big trees and explore.

  14. Cicadas sounding in the trees. A warm summer breeze, stirs canvas walls and somewhere close, a Tui calls.

  15. Buying Ecuadorian Bananas, my red baby dress, watching Saved By The Bell Re-runs,
    & getting sand in my shorts while playing with my baby.