Sunday, January 19, 2014
So, I'm sure if you read a few blogs in the Aussie blogosphere (yep, that is a word, I'm sure of it), then you probably have stumbled across the 52 Project started by Jodi at Practicing Simplicity (Previously Che & Fidel). It is something it seems that lots of bloggers are participating in. While I was away, I gave it some thought again, and realised how great it is to look back at the end of a year and see the gradual changes in your children week by week as the year progresses. At this time last year I had NO IDEA what Willow looked like, all we had glimpsed was just a black and white picture of her squirming around, and Ezra looked like such a baby. Today I looked at him and realised just how much of a boy he is now, the baby, as sad as it is, is gone.

So, saying all that, this year, I will be joining in too. But, what I am really excited about is making an album with these portraits of my children from every week, at the end of the year. I have a little obsession right now with getting started on some Project Life Albums. I just don't have the time right now with the pending move! But, I love the idea that I can flick through an album and have a picture of my children every week for an entire year. Even if you don't blog, or don't want to share pictures, it is a great way to have a little keepsake for yourself and your kids!

I'm a couple of weeks late, due to our little holiday, which I will share about more when I get the chance!! But, until then here are my portraits from this week.

 My two tired ones... one fast asleep in Mum and Dad's bed because he was cold in the tent, the other completely zoned out but refusing to sleep in the porta cot.

4 comments on "3/52 "
  1. Oh that face! I have been thinking the same about the photographs, you can't ever have too many

  2. This is very similar to the 52 weeks of memories photo project I am running on my blog and I started it for the same reasons.