5 Favourites Friday! (err Saturday)

Saturday, April 23, 2011
Ok well officially it is Saturday, and my 5 Favourites Friday post is late. Yesterday, because it was a public holiday I thought it was Saturday instead..whoops! This is what long weekends do to me. Plus this one is extra long because it is 5 days!
My 5 Favourites for this week are

5 Favourite BOOKS!
Disclaimer: I am not really a book snob, I haven't read a whole lot of the classics, but I like a good book that sucks me in and I can really enjoy. I had to read Virginia Wolf for University, and I will leave her to the professionals.. I wanted to poke my eyes out reading "To the Lighthouse"
These are not really in order of my favourites, it is just too hard to pick.

Jayne Eyre: Charlotte Bronte.
I read this book as well for university, and then I watched the old movie. I really just liked the story, the old woman in the attic intrigued me. I enjoyed the old fashioned love story, with a terrible twist. I really liked Jane's character as well. It was not a chore at all to read, I could hardly put it down. If you have read this, and want to read more about the "old woman", I have been told the "The Wide Sargasso Sea" is her story, it is a parallel novel by Jean Rhys.

Ender's Game: Orson Scott Card
Joel is probably the reason why I read way more Sci-Fi now than I ever thought to before. He introduced me to this book, which was the first of an entire series, that we have both read. Which then led us to read many of Orson Scott Card's other series, which I like just as much. If I say that this book is about a young boy who goes to military training camp in outer space to learn to fight off alien invaders it would probably put you off. Don't let my description frighten you, even if you don't like Sci-Fi, I think you would enjoy it, this is a great book.

The Time Traveller's Wife : Audrey Niffenegger
If you have seen the movie, but not read the book, you should know that the movie SUCKS in comparison. The book is amazing. It jumps from time zone to time zone and from different peoples perspectives so cleverly, that even I wasn't confused. I cried so hard in this book, that's when I know that I am really sucked in. Although it can take a little bit to get your head around what is happening, Niffenegger writes it so well, I still knew what was going on, it easily could have just been do confusing and mind boggling.

Marley & Me : John Grogan
If you hate dogs, then you probably wont like this book. For me it reminded me of my childhood. We had a crazy Golden Retriever called Champ for a couple of years before he had to be put down because of cancer, and then a more passive Goldy, Ben, for about 12 years after that, who also did lots of silly things. So reading this book brought back so many memories, even now with the drama we have been through with Angus our Shar Pei, I just felt I could relate so well. Dogs really are amazing, and no matter how ridiculously naughty they are, how much money they cost you, they are so loyal and loving. I felt this book captured all of that, and the attachment that we feel to these funny furry creatures! I guess, as a dog lover, it was so easy for me to love this book. Once again, the movie is pretty lame compared to the book.

The Celtic Crusades Series : Stephen Lawhead
I probably read this series about 8 years ago. I can't just pick one book because they all go together in my mind. The first book starts in the year 1095 and follows stories of the crusades to the East, the last of the infidels, called by the Pope. Although it is not necessarily historically accurate, it is historical fiction. It brings to light a lot of questions about what actually went on during that time, and showed how easily people became convinced they were in fact doing the right thing, and how they were manipulated. It is definitely a great read, and it might just be the history lover in me, I really couldn't stop reading all three of these books: The Iron Lance, The Black Rood & The Mystic Rose. I have also read a lot of other series by Lawhead, he is one of my favourite Authors of all time!
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