Cloth Nappies: Good idea or crazy Mum...

Tuesday, April 5, 2011
So I am pretty sure, that I have decided that I am going to go down the cloth nappy route. Yes, I know.. this probably means that I am naive, and I don't really know what I am getting myself into. Maybe so, but at least I want to give it a try. I talk about this a lot with my Mum. She raised four children, all in cloth nappies, because back then disposables were pretty average quality and really expensive. They weren't the fan dangled cloth nappies that we see today, they were just cloth squares that needed to be folded and pinned, with those ginormous pins that are only used for punk rockers to hold their jeans together these days. In my head, I am thinking, with much encouragement from my Mum.. "if she can do it, surely I can do it too". Not only that but the options today make it soooo much easier than it ever was 20+ years ago. You can even buy these great hoses that connect to your toilet to rinse unwanted stuff down the loo easily. You can buy smell holding bags that store nappies when you are out and about. You don't have to soak them forever anymore either.
(here is a very old picture of one of my brothers wearing this daggy cloth nappy! I am sure he will hate that I put this up. Yes, that is me in the background in my awesome nightie)

So if most of our Mothers did it, and they managed just fine, why is it that so many people around my age with children give me the look like, "you wont last a week". Maybe I will fail miserably in this quest, maybe it will all be too much. Seeing I don't have a baby that I need to change multiple times a day, I am not really sure just yet. All I am saying is that personally I want to give this a shot, I want to try and save money and yes the environment from being loaded up with landfills of nappies that don't breakdown for hundreds of years. Maybe I am just naive and idealistic...but I will report back after August and let you know how I am going!

But of course I would love to hear from any Mum's out there who use them and love them!! I have had a lot of negativity about this choice, but know that they are so popular these days.

And.. look how cute these nappies from itti bitti are these days... oh boy!
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  1. I have a couple friends who used cloth diapers on their babies and think they're awesome! It saves you a lot of money, and apparently saves the baby from diaper rash :) Just keep a few disposables on hand for long car rides or emergencies ;) Good luck!