5 Favourites Friday!

Friday, April 15, 2011
This week has flown by again...

The 5 Favourites topic for this week is...
Things from the 90's!

The 90's hold great memories for me, it was my school years, my great childhood and just getting sucked in to whatever fad came out. So these are more what were my favourite things in the 90's than what I would now say are my favourites! Does this make sense. As a kid in the 90's this was the stuff that I was obsessed with, as embarrassing as it is now.

1. Troll Dolls
I remember in Perth there was a store completely dedicated to Trolls, and whenever we went out with my Nanna and Pop we always ended up at the Troll shop. It was a magical place for me. Here is a sneak peak of my troll collection. Yes, I still have them tucked away in a cupboard, waiting for another generation to play with them! Here is most of my collection...

2. Making Mix Tapes
In high school I used to spend hours listening to CD's and then pressing "play and record' simultaniously on the stereo to record my favourite songs and listen to them on my Walkman.. oh yes, I said Walkman. Making mix cd's is so much easier than making mix tapes was. Timing and precision was essential, starting immediately and laying in wait to stop the recording before the next track started. I hope that somewhere I still have some of those mix tapes.

3. The Video Board Game "Nightmare"
I have never really met anyone else who had ever heard of this, so maybe it wasn't actually that popular in the 90's. Released in 1991 it was a Horror board game with an accompanying video. I remember playing it at a birthday party with a bunch of my friends who were having a sleepover. First we had Fondue for dinner and then played this game in the dark. So scary, I probably would still be scared today if I played it.

4. Dinosaurs

Oh I used to love this show. All I remember now though is the baby dinosaur always saying "Not the Mama". I am pretty sure it was not that great, and I don't think I would want to watch a full episode now, because it would just ruin all those fond memories I have.

5. R.L Stine's Goosebumps Books
Even those this pretty much makes me cringe now, and it is pretty embarrassing, I had to include them. I seriously think I had about 50 plus Goosebumps books, I had a whole bookshelf full of them. I would make sure that they were perfectly in order, and every time a new one came out I would be down the shops buying it so fast. I really was a lover of these books. They were scary, without being too scary, they were about pre-teens just like me. Just to make matters worse I was also a huge fan of The Babysitters Club books, pretty much anything by Enid Blyton especially the Magic Faraway Tree & Wishing Chair series. Yeah, I know.. lame.. but what can I say, I loved them!
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  1. with the exception of the board game that I've never heard of, i would list all of those as favorites of mine when i was a kid too! the santa troll in your photo cracked me up, and i LOVED goosebumps & baby sitters club books (I always wanted to be Claudia)