New Places: Ootong & Lincoln

Sunday, April 3, 2011
Don't let the unusual name put you off this cafe in South Fremantle. I am so happy because South Freo is really starting to thrive, with all these great new little cafe's and restaurants. I am so glad I live so close. I am not sure why this is the first time I have been to Ootong and Lincoln, it definitely will not be the last. I have been to the building before, when it used to be a quaint little antique store/devonshire tea cafe, but now it is a whole lot different, and dare I say better!

Yes the food was good, the smoothie was also good. Joel says the coffee is good too, although I wouldn't know because I don't drink it. What I really loved about Ootong and Lincoln is the design and decor. Although simple and spacious, it is really retro, quirky and fun. Some of the things that stood out to me were that most of the lights on the ceiling were encased in old glass jars, the lighting cables were strung across the ceiling like tinsel. Then to top that off, I noticed a couple of lights in the back area, laundry baskets as lamp shades!What a fabulous idea, they looked great. Each table was different, and they were accompanied by matching seats, all vintage and many were retro. Above the windows, which covered the whole front wall was a large shelf that held many old small bicycles and tricycles, so cute.
All in all, I was impressed by this place, there was nothing "normal" used for the decor, they had old telephones hanging on the wall, and a number of bike hooks so people can hang their bikes up whilst they dine. They also included hooks on one wall that were large wooden spoons.
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