Colour help needed!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011
When we renovated our kitchen earlier this year I had to find a place for my lovely retro kitchenette. It found a home in our dining room. Our dining room is a lot darker than the kitchen and I just don't like the way the kitchenette looks. I think it is time to paint it. Spruce it up a bit, but I am undecided about a colour, I need some ideas..
I'm thinking something light and bright, I would love to know what you think?
Then I can fill the top with fun bright retro plates and it will add something wonderful to the dining room!

Excuse the messy dining room. ha..
And me in the reflection.. Hiii

4 comments on "Colour help needed!"
  1. i vote for the 2012 pantone color of the year...tangerine tango!

  2. I like it. I would love to see it painted in shabby chic, that green and rough over paint it with white.

  3. It would look great in a lemon yellow...maybe with an interesting wallpaper in the back?