I'm the Mum of a What?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011
A 4 month old...
Can you believe it, because I am having a hard time.
The last four months have gone by so fast, I no longer have a little baby who is content to just be cradled in my arms. Oh no, he loves to wriggle and squirm and stand up and throw himself around. I have a big whopping almost 7kg baby. 
 I love those big blue eyes, and his easy smile! He loves to smile and laugh at everyone, he isn't picky yet. I love that when I go to get him out of bed in the morning he squeals with delight and does a funny little wiggle, it makes getting up on those mornings where the bags are hanging wayyy under my eyes a whole lot easier. He is very desperate to get moving, whenever he is on the floor he is trying so hard to get somewhere, I'm not sure where but wherever it is I know soon enough I'll be run off my feet following him there.

It doesn't seem like that long ago that we were wondering what this lil man would look like, and taking bets on his hair colour. The last 17 weeks have flown by, but it has been such a wonderful journey. I cannot complain, because he is just a lovely boy, with a very sweet nature and loves to have fun. He rarely cries, and is pretty content just going with the flow. He makes my new job title as stay at home Mum a delight!
He had his first taste of real food, and he gobbled it all down. I didn't really think he would do any different, he has always been a very good eater (drinker).

My lil man is growing up, I need to remember to cherish every moment, because he will be running around before I know it.

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