Whirlwind week

Thursday, December 22, 2011
Hi everyone!
Wow what a week it has been. I am stuffed. Cannot wait for the week of Christmas to New Year, when Joel is off work and we are down relaxing by the Ocean! I haven't been able to blog as much as I would like because we have Joel's parents staying here with us from the USA, and his Aunty flies in to join us for Christmas this afternoon as well, which is very exciting, and it is her first visit to the land of Aus. On top of that, Ezra has decided that he likes waking up a lot at night, and then getting up with the sun rise at about 4.45am. So, as you may guess I am feeling pretty pooped. Excuses, Excuses I know, I should be more organised! But I can't be perfect you know!

I'm sure I'm the same as everyone else running around for last minute Christmas gifts, for people you forgot about or ideas that didn't 'come to you' for someone until just yesterday. I have two Turkeys to cook for Christmas Eve, we are making Pecan pies and Green Bean casserole, very American I know. On Christmas day it will be BBQ prawns (ie. Chuck another shrimp on the barbie!) plus an array of other meats. Hmmm, can't wait.

Only a few more days to go, and a few more things to do.
Come on we can make it through and then enjoy a fabulous time with family and friends.

This is as old pre-baby Christmas picture, because of course, this year, I just did not get time.
Angus dog is claiming to be a "good dog" with his stocking again this year. In fact, he is the only one in the house with a Christmas stocking, that doesn't really make sense.

7 comments on "Whirlwind week"
  1. Hello, visiting from Freckled Nest! I love how you came up with the name for your blog! I've been blogging for a few months, and I'm still having trouble falling in love with a name.

    Also, I feel you on the Christmas hustle & bustle. I'm doing a lot of the baking tomorrow. I'm tired just thinking about it ;) A very happy holidays to you & yours! <3

    XO, shannon

  2. Hey! I'm visiting from Freckled Nest! I'm loving your christmas picture! So cute!

  3. *visiting from FN*
    Love your Christmas photo, even if it's an oldie but goody! And our dog somehow has the largest stocking. Dogs are so spoiled!

  4. Yes- yesterday I spent Christmas shopping, and I'm glad I did because it snowed a ton today!

  5. HA! I love that your dog is the only one with a stocking. That's how it is for us too. HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN?! Glad to know we are not the only ones ;)

  6. Sweet blog...and I love your logo/header design! :)

    Our dogs get stockings too...in fact, my husband and I don't buy for each other during the holidays but the critters *always* get presents. Hee!



    PS - visiting from Freckled Nest